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All for free! Welcome to - The most popular & Free Internet Cafe Software including wifi hotspot, monitoring, membership accounting, content filtering and more. All for free! Best Internet cafe software & hardware Only Software Included and also Free * No hidden fees! *** *** Download now! *** *** *** Screenshots Many Internet cafe software can be installed on any type of PC / Laptop or Mac. We've selected the best of the best for you. This free Internet cafe software offers unique features such as: Serves as a wifi hotspot. Keeps track of your computers and all your customers by IP address (ISP: online, mobile, personal, etc.) Our Internet cafe software has been featured in a dozen categories and won the "Free Internet Cafe Software" and "Best of the Blog" category at the 2nd annual "Free Internet Cafe Software Blogfest" in 2011. Internet cafe software & hardware FEATURES Create a Free Internet cafe using our software Our free software is a very easy-to-use software program that allows a user to setup, run and manage his/her Internet cafe. You can easily install this software on any Windows PC and give your customers access to your Internet cafe on their computers without paying a cent. Also, the user can easily monitor all their computers/IPs using the built-in live connection. You can even view live reports on each computer's customer activities and spending. Collect money and calculate reports using our Internet cafe software Using this internet cafe software, your customers can connect to your Internet cafe's WiFi hotspot and connect to it using their computers, notebooks, tablets and more. You can easily setup and use the built-in membership account to make sure that your customers have to use it to use your Internet cafe. You can even report your income daily/monthly/annually and see your reports in detail. Your Internet cafe will always be FREE! If your customers wish to access your Internet cafe, you can create a free membership account for them. Even if they access your Internet cafe using your Internet cafe software, they will never pay a cent. Set your own pricing model and control your Internet cafe from anywhere in the world! You can easily set your own pricing model and control how much money is going in and how much




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Handycafe Wifi Hotspot Crack vinschar

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